The Woz loves his Android phone?


Jobs and Wozniak

I’m sure the hardcore Apple fans will be screaming blasphemy, but I love this article, because it shows that Apple is not the alpha and omega of smartphone innovation.  Google is also doing some great things with their Android OS.  Honestly, I was never that much of a Steve Jobs fan.  (With respect, he did know how to present Apple products very well)  He always just came across as a jerk to me, but Wozniak is just awesome and charismatic.  He’s like a Santa Claus that doesn’t need elves to create his technology and instead, decided to use something that Yukon Cornelius created because he’s willing to admit that it works. (I bet you weren’t expecting a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer reference, huh?)

Technolog – Wozniak likes his Android phone a lot.

Japanese toilet paper meets you all the way

I watched this video with the interest of finding out what I was getting into with Japanese toilet paper, which turned out to be informative (Japanese toilet paper dissolves extremely well, apparently).
However, the best part of this video?  The 80’s hit sensation “Rosanna” by Toto playing in the background.  Haha, awesome!

Japanese Toilet Paper vs. Chinese Toilet Paper | Japan Probe.

Happy New Year 2012, Everyone!

Phew!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been posting anything.  I took a nice long vacation at work, which kind of cut down the amount of Internet browsing I’ve been doing for posts.

Anyways, a little bit of good news, I got an email from my ALT company notifying me that the first round of work visas were going to be applied for on December 26th, so I’ll likely be hearing something back somewhere in the middle of January.  Also, they gave me some potential training dates for the last half of March.  This is starting to become so real.  I can’t wait!

As a part of my New Year’s resolution, if something happens where I cannot go to Japan this spring, then I am going to resolve to change my career somehow.  I know I have to branch out into another field or position if I want to develop myself further.  Sure, I could work towards more computer certifications, but my job isn’t exactly rewarding me for getting them (even though they paid for me to get them).  It’s time to look for something different or find a position that will be able to fully utilize my technical skill.  I’m also resolving to exercise more, which I think is going to take the form of riding my bike more.  🙂