LifeHaters gonna hate…

I have LifeHacker on my Twitter feed. I love checking the site out for their innovative ways for little mods around the house (usually). I’ve been noticing a lot though that the howler monkeys come out of the word works though just to thrash someone’s neat little trick. Today’s complaint fest is over this…

Put Your MP3 Player in the Sink for a Free Amplifier for Music in the Shower.

Is it a neat trick? Sure, but I’ll see how my sink performs. Is it the greatest idea? Well, maybe not in every circumstance… Sure, shower water condensation could accrue on it or the faucet could leak, but these are all easily preventable with a plastic bag (and I really just though of that a few seconds before writing that line!). Does this stop these LifeHaters from freaking out and posting the silliest comments. Take this fine fellow’s comment.

Vertigo50 Mon 27 Feb 2012 10:39 AM
You do realize that probably about 60-70% of bathroom faucets have a slight leak, right? Probably right onto your home button.

What is he basing this on? 60-70%!? I’ve seen several sinks over the course of my life and I know I haven’t ran into seeing 60-70% of them leaky (I know because I try to fix them!). Who knows though, maybe I’m just the lucky statistical outlier here. This isn’t the only flaming comment on this article though. What puzzles me is that people do this frequently on hacking pages I visit. Hack-a-Day had to post a little sit-down article because it was getting so bad. Whether these people are just trying to troll comments or not, why bother taking the time to flame someone for something you think is inferior? This is the Internet. No one really cares what you think about random things (Including my thoughts on this article, oddly enough)! The difference though between my article about hack-haters and some random flame comment on a hack is that this article has an immensely large chance (if anyone actually read my blog) of creating an inspiring discussion. Remember that, LifeHaters…


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