Redelivery with Sagawa Otodoke

Hey guys,
I found some hopefully useful information on how to schedule a another delivery with Sagawa Otodoke.  I ordered some stuff from and it came while I was at school.  So I had the following receipt jammed in my door.  Luckily, you can call the smaller number (the one that begins with 022) with your mobile phone and schedule a redelivery!   The bigger 0120 number is if you have a LAN line.  Call the phone number and you’ll hear an automated voice to guide you (although if you’re Japanese is a bit weak like mine, it’ll sound a little fast).

Step 1: Enter your own phone number beginning with the area code.
Step 2: Enter the 4 digit 営業店番号. This is the number of the Sagawa branch dealing with the delivery.  In this case, mine is “8022”.
Step 3: Enter the 12 digit お問い合わせ送り状ナンバー (this is in red on my receipt). This is the tracking number for the undelivered item.  Mine is the one that begins with “0054”.
Step 4: Enter the date you would like re-delivery. Press only “0” for same day delivery, or enter 2 digits for another day. For example, for the 5th, enter ’05′ or for 25th enter ’25′.
Step 5: Select the time you would like the item to be delivered and press the corresponding button. Depending on the time you call, not all the options will be available. Since I will probably be in school during the day tomorrow as well, I’ve picked the 4pm-6pm time slot (option 4).  Make sure you’re in the house when they come back!
Step 5: Confirm the details are correct. Press “1” to select ‘yes’ or “2” to make changes to the day/time.

Sagawa-Otodoke receipt

A delivery receipt for my attempted package delivery.

9 responses

  1. Thanks for the blog:-)
    I couldn’t claim my parcel coz I don’t know where to call , whom to leave message until I surf on the net nd see this:-)

  2. Sagawa transport should be avoided..why UPS uses a service that completely omits English from international delivery slips or offers a service in English akin to Yamato is not understandable. A complete hassle to get anything re-delivered.

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