Tomatoes! – Day 1

I’ve been watching my ES students all week plant vegetables in front of the school. It’s really making me want some fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes are stupid expensive in Japan; roughly a plum sized tomato will run you about 150¥! I tried making salsa once and it cost me over $20! Blah… Anyways, here’s to some … Continue reading

A Nice Sunday

So I poked my head outside to see if I could do laundry yesterday and was greeted by extremely warm sunlight! What a surprise since my area has been mostly cloudy and rainy lately. So I decided to do something outdoors to get some exercise and sun. I ended up riding my bike around town and I found a small bike trail that ended at an onsen! That was an awesome treat after a good workout.
I even found this awesome genin ninja training park on the trail.

20120514-103035.jpgThat chain log bridge was actually fairly tough to cross.

20120514-103220.jpgI think I found the advanced section of the training course, but I didn’t dare try to cross it. Finally, I got to the end of the trail and enjoyed a good shave and a soak in the hot spring.

20120514-103553.jpgAfterwards, I ate a bowl of tsumetai suuramen. A bowl of ramen served ice cold. It was a nice compliment to a scorching soak and sauna.
Sunday was a much needed break from an otherwise hectic week I had been having. Phew!

The Neverending Bus ride

Wow, what a night so far after getting to Tokyo…
Japan has some of the best public transit in the world. I decided to take advantage of the very cheap and popular ‘Night Bus’ option. Originally, I planned on getting a bus in the morning, but that didn’t work out so well since it was my ALT friends birthday the night before. So I decided to get a later bus ride to Tokyo. My bus was scheduled to leave at 2:30 and I would arrive in Shinjuku at about 7:30.
Wait, I forgot to mention that it’s Golden week this week. Yea, that’s important. Continue reading

Hiking and Hanami 

I did some hiking on Saturday morning up Toya Mountain.  It was pretty awesome, especially since I thought I was terrible out of shape.  It was able to lead the group up the mountain!  The entire hike was about 1.5 hours up and then about 45 minutes down.  The summit was 580.6m high with a pretty good view of some of the other towns surrounding us.  After that, I went to a local park and sat down under a cherry tree and watched the petals fall down (something I have been waiting to do in Japan for three years…)  Since WordPress is kind lame about importing photo albums, here is a link to it.

Hiking & Hanami