The Neverending Bus ride

Wow, what a night so far after getting to Tokyo…
Japan has some of the best public transit in the world. I decided to take advantage of the very cheap and popular ‘Night Bus’ option. Originally, I planned on getting a bus in the morning, but that didn’t work out so well since it was my ALT friends birthday the night before. So I decided to get a later bus ride to Tokyo. My bus was scheduled to leave at 2:30 and I would arrive in Shinjuku at about 7:30.
Wait, I forgot to mention that it’s Golden week this week. Yea, that’s important.

So my bus didn’t even get to the station until about 6:15pm. That was a nightmare in of itself. Then while getting somewhat close to Tokyo, the bus got caught in traffic. After crawling through traffic, I didn’t even end up getting into Tokyo until 12:30am. Luckily, I had contacted a friend on FB and setup a place to crash so I could hit the road in the morning.
Oh yea, the trains in Japan start shutting down at midnight. If you don’t get on a train, then you’re stuck either getting a capsule room until 5am or getting a taxi (expensive!). I wasn’t 100% sure which station I was going to have to transfer at and I had about 5 minutes to catch the last train, so I opted out of trying to randomly jump on a train.
Instead, I opted to try walking around town and seeing what was going on. After about 5 minutes of getting into the Downtown area, I was approached by a friendly gentleman who walked and talked with me and then invited me to his all you can drink strip club. Keep in mind, I still had my backpack on, so I probably looked like a huge stool pigeon/rube. After politely declining the guy’s offer, I was approached by no less than 10 other Nigerians that also wanted to invite me into their club. After the first couple of times, it started to get annoying, so I had to make a game of it. Almost every guy would greet you as “hi Friend” and shake your hand and hold on to it. So I tried to see how far I could make the guy walk down the street while soliciting me. Record tonight was 2 blocks before turning him down.
They seem to follow a script as well, such as;

  1. “Hi/Hey friend!” and handshake
  2. compliment added here i.e. nice shoes or clothes. Do you work out?
  3. “where are you from?” Sometimes followed up with a story about Nigeria.
  4. “Hey what are you doing to night? Do you want to see Japanese titties? Do you want to drink beer? whiskey? Why don’t you come to my club. It free to come in and you can touch the girls, buy them drinks or just drink all you want for 3000¥/hour”
  5. “what? You don’t want to see Japanese titties? Oh well, how about I set you up with some of our “special services”? I know a place where the ladies will do what you want for a price.”
  6. “Why don’t you come in and check the club out for a little bit. It’s free. Seeing is believing!”

This pretty much sums up Everything that the people were saying to me. It wasn’t just Nigerian men though, a very aggressive Japanese women grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards their massage parlor. I told her “No thanks” but she called one of her massage girls over, who was fairly cute, and whispered to me if I wanted a happy ending. After declining, she slapped me on the butt and I went on my way.
Best part of the night? I went to a Burger King and ate a double bacon cheeseburger with extra bacon and a poached egg. Delicious!
So now I’m on my way to a capsule hotel while it’s raining. I walked by a post office and saw a power outlet that wasn’t being used, so I sat down and started typing this up while it was still fresh in my head.
What a first night in Tokyo…

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