A Nice Sunday

So I poked my head outside to see if I could do laundry yesterday and was greeted by extremely warm sunlight! What a surprise since my area has been mostly cloudy and rainy lately. So I decided to do something outdoors to get some exercise and sun. I ended up riding my bike around town and I found a small bike trail that ended at an onsen! That was an awesome treat after a good workout.
I even found this awesome genin ninja training park on the trail.

20120514-103035.jpgThat chain log bridge was actually fairly tough to cross.

20120514-103220.jpgI think I found the advanced section of the training course, but I didn’t dare try to cross it. Finally, I got to the end of the trail and enjoyed a good shave and a soak in the hot spring.

20120514-103553.jpgAfterwards, I ate a bowl of tsumetai suuramen. A bowl of ramen served ice cold. It was a nice compliment to a scorching soak and sauna.
Sunday was a much needed break from an otherwise hectic week I had been having. Phew!

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