Weird how things work…

I went on a random date with a Japanese girl today. I kinda thought this was weird and deserved documentation because of the chain of events that lead up to this.
So let’s start at the beginning of the chain of events…

  1. I got in a fight with another ALT in the area and decided to not hang around that person for awhile.
  2. That lead me to not going to karate anymore on Mondays/Thursdays and sadly, missing one of my other Japanese friends, but freeing up my schedule at the same time.
  3. I scheduled to take the JLPT on July 1st (the only day) and couldn’t go out and celebrate that weekend for my birthday. Instead my friends and I went out on the next weekend (July 7th).
  4. That weekend, it was also raining heavily, which cancelled a camping event, freeing up my sempai to attend our birthday hijinx.
  5. Since we had our sempai with us, he was able to show us around to some nice bars. While deciding which bar to go into after our second hop, a pretty girl in pig-tails from a snack bar invites us to come in. We oblige.
  6. Pig-tails girl is our server at said snack bar. I notice another cute server giving me eye-glances through most of our hour and a half nomihoudai (all you can drink). Me: Hey Sempai, that girl is giving me the eye. I need to give her my phone number. Sempai: Do it, man. It’s your “birthday”.
  7. Phone number is given to the other server. I even look up the Japanese on my phone’s dictionary to say “Call Me” (Yobidashite… btw).
  8. Sempai: I wouldn’t put to much weight in that girl calling. Me: Yea, you’re probably right. Girl texts me a short message saying “Thank you for the contact information” and even calls me later! We end up texting back and forth (although in basic Japanese) through most of the evening.
  9. Since I didn’t have karate tonight, the new Japanese girl and I decided to get something to eat today. After dinner, one of her friends joins us, the pig-tails server from that same night.
  10. Pig-tails girl (who does have a name. I’m choosing to anon people here.) tells me about the Taiko festival at the end of the month and shows me a YouTube video of it.
  11. Then tells me that her and the other cute server girl I ate dinner with are going to head to practice for this festival soon after dinner. They invite me to come watch.
  12. I get to watch this awesome practice with kids and adults. I also get to put on my ALT face for the kids and be goofy. Also, while minor, I got to clap these two blocks of wood together and practice along with them to help keep the beat.

So this was a really fun night that really came together through a bunch of chance occurrences. I guess the big lesson to take out of this is that old cliche expression of “Opportunity never closes a door without opening a window” can actually apply as long as your willing to accept that a window is still an exit.


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